Prestige Screen Doors

There are seven retractable screen doors manufactured worldwide so choosing the right one can be confusing. Three important considerations of a retractable screen door: the product, the installation and the service.

Since there are several manufactures you want to find the best engineered retractable screen door. Some questions to consider are:

What is the warranty? Some have lifetime warranties and others have a one-year warranty.

Is the screen door custom fit to the door? A good retractable screen door in Tiverton, RI will be custom measured to properly fit your door.

Does it have a speed reducer? Some brands has a speed reducer so the front bar will retract slowly and not slam back which could potentially get someones fingers caught.

Does the company use a sill adapter at the bottom? In order to protect the bottom track from getting crushed by walking over it year after year you want a sill adapter piece that goes over your current threshold in which the bottom track is attached.

Does the company use UV resistant Nylon components? To protect against fading, cracking and yellowing.

Is the frame Powder Coated? Powder coating is thicker than spraying the frame and it protects against the outdoor elements. Not all companies use powder coated frames

What kind of handles do they offer? Are the handles Ergonomic Handles that are easy to grab. In fact, some companies use handles that actually move up and down. You want handles that are screwed into the front bar.

The second consideration is who is going to be installing your retractable screen door in Tiverton, RI. The installation of a retractable screen door can be the most critical part of making sure it operates smoothly for several years. Some companies have small operations in which the owner installs all the screen doors and other companies have many different installers. retractable screen door in Tiverton, RI. Make sure that the installer has many years experience and has been trained by the manufacturer. It is also important for the screen door company to have a valid contractor's license depending on if your state requires it by law. A contractor's license usually shows that the company is serious about staying in business for a number of years and it is protection for the consumer.

Finally, the service and warranty claims of the screen door company should also be taken into consideration. If there is a lifetime warranty on the parts excluding the screen material, then who will service the screen door if a component breaks. Make sure to get this in writing. Most contractor service the retractable screen door in Tiverton, RIs themselves, but some companies push you off to the manufacture. Most retractable screen door in Tiverton, RI manufactures only warranty the components and not the screen material. The screen material can be replaced, but you have to use a special screen material on most retractable screen door in Tiverton, RIs in which you need to have the original company re-screen it.